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Praying Mantis

This praying mantis is eating a yellow jacket.  Eating is not the right word; this praying mantis is butchering a yellow jacket, disassembling it, undoing it.  And all the while, the yellow jacket is still alive, trapped in the clutches … Continue reading

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In The Aquarium

The tanks at the Monterey Bay Aquarium are not your average fish tanks.  There are no goldfish here, no guppies, no koi.  These million gallon tanks hold sharks and sea turtles and rays and five-foot-long bluefin tuna.  Schools of mackerel … Continue reading

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Tokens of Spring

John Steinbeck wrote that the wildflowers of a Northern California spring were so unbelievable that they were “Almost sinful looking.”  That makes sense – especially to a local – considering that much of the rest of the year, except for … Continue reading

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Lost Coast Round Two (film)

On round two of the Lost Coast I decided to take along the Canon AE-1.  I thought about bringing the 7D but it’s so bulky and there’s such heightened risk of damage that I decided to go with the more durable film … Continue reading

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Journey To The End (Of Oahu)

Ka’ena Point protrudes like the tip of a knife out of the northwestern edge of the island of Oahu.  Ancient Hawaiians believed it to be the “Jumping off point” where the souls of those just leaving mortality met their ancestors … Continue reading

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Up With The Sun

Progressing sunrise with ground fog in Middletown.  Between 7:00 and 7:30am. About 8:30am the fog began to burn off.  There is a little carpet of green grass shooting up from the big storm that passed through last week, which is … Continue reading

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Shark’s Cove

Snorkeling off the edge.  1/160sec./f11/iso100 Looking Northwest.  1/160sec./f11/iso100 Hermit Crab  1/200sec./f5.6/iso100 1/200sec./f5.6/iso100

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