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Cason/Tateoka Wedding – Utah Reception

Three days before they were married in Louisiana, Charlotte and Ryan had an open house/reception for all their friends and family in Utah.  They held the event in an old dairy barn that the city of Draper has restored and … Continue reading

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Utah Is Great

It’s true.  Utah is great.  This may not be a very popular opinion, especially among people who are not from Utah or have certain ideas about the state’s character, namely that it’s a bleak desert wasteland with foul weather and … Continue reading

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Sprinklers At The State Line

We recently moved out of Utah permanently and decided to make the drive to California by way of the sparsely traveled Highway 50.  As mentioned in the previous post, we stopped off at the old roost of Bob Stinson before continuing … Continue reading

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Hermit’s Cave

In 1920, Bob Stinson left civilization behind and took up residence in a cave deep in  Marjum Canyon just West of Delta Utah.   That cave would become his residence for the next 25 years until, when in his 70’s, … Continue reading

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Bridal Veil Falls

I was a little hesitant to go to Bridal Veil Falls because its one of the most overly photographed, frequently visited, and well-known attractions around Utah County.  I was afraid I’d walk away with the same old generic photos that … Continue reading

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The Tree

I’ve photographed this tree multiple times, this one last spring just before it blossomed. I went snowshoeing yesterday up to the same spot and got a few black and white shots just as the snowstorm was breaking and a light fog … Continue reading

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Sunset on The Jetty

0″4/f11/iso100 1/60 /f3.5/iso100 1/25 /f5.6/iso200 – silhouettes on the mountain of ice. 1/200 /f7.1/iso100 1/320 /f5.6/iso100 – As the ice on the lake breaks up it gets pushed up against the jetty making a massive pile of of ice sheets. … Continue reading

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