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Praying Mantis

This praying mantis is eating a yellow jacket.  Eating is not the right word; this praying mantis is butchering a yellow jacket, disassembling it, undoing it.  And all the while, the yellow jacket is still alive, trapped in the clutches … Continue reading

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Welcome To Stonyford

One weekend every year the tiny Northern California town of Stonyford is overrun by bull riders, bullfighters, bronco busters, steer wrestlers, calf ropers, barrel racers, beauty queens, rodeo lovers, and rebel rousers.  It’s the annual Stonyford rodeo and it’s the … Continue reading

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Utah Is Great

It’s true.  Utah is great.  This may not be a very popular opinion, especially among people who are not from Utah or have certain ideas about the state’s character, namely that it’s a bleak desert wasteland with foul weather and … Continue reading

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Various and Sundry

Going through my camera a few days ago I came across some photos I’d planned to put on the blog but had neglected to download. These first two are from last May.  This hayfield, on the neighboring Luchetti Ranch, was … Continue reading

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California Summer-Landscapes

The best thing about living on the ranch is watching the seasons change.  Since California summers are so dry, the grasses that grew tall and green in the springtime turn golden and brittle, contrasting with the clusters of still green … Continue reading

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Summer Storm In The Sierra

Except for the power lines, which I was too lazy to photoshop out, I thought this was a cool photo.  The lighting was amazing with the low evening sun shining against the brewing storm in the East.   Not the … Continue reading

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