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The Tree

I’ve photographed this tree multiple times, this one last spring just before it blossomed. I went snowshoeing yesterday up to the same spot and got a few black and white shots just as the snowstorm was breaking and a light fog … Continue reading

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Sunset on The Jetty

0″4/f11/iso100 1/60 /f3.5/iso100 1/25 /f5.6/iso200 – silhouettes on the mountain of ice. 1/200 /f7.1/iso100 1/320 /f5.6/iso100 – As the ice on the lake breaks up it gets pushed up against the jetty making a massive pile of of ice sheets. … Continue reading

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Deep Freeze

All taken from the north jetty at Utah Lake State Park.  Photos are sort of drab, but then again so is winter. Ice Fishermen (wide angle) 1/200 sec/f4.5/iso100 Frozen Pier 1/100 sec/f4.5/iso100 Frozen Jetty 1/400 sec/f1.8/iso100 Green In The Ice … Continue reading

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Hawaii Winter

Spongers at Pipeline 1/2500 sec/f3.5/iso100 Crashing Surf at Shark’s Cove 1/1600 sec/f3.5/iso100 See Wave Break Succession here Receding Surf at Shark’s Cove 2 sec/f22/iso100/64x Neutral Density Filter Whole Crab Shell at Shark’s Cove 1/1000 sec/f1.8/iso100

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Utah Winter

Drinking Fountain Snow  1/320  f6.3 iso100 Fire Hydrant Snow  1/3200  f1.8  iso100 Snowy Street  1/2500  f1.8  iso100  

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California Winter

Fence Wire Frost  1/125  f3.5   iso100 Frosty Leaf  1/250  f1.8  iso100 Melting Frost  1/200 f5.6  iso100 Sunrise on the pump house 1/160  f5.6  iso100

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