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Not Quite North Shore

I am not a surfer, nor am I a surf photographer, but a few months ago I went along with my wife and some of her nieces and nephews to one of their favorite family surf spots.  This spot is … Continue reading

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A New Year, A Barrel Stove, & A Telescope

New Year’s Eve 2013 again found me in the middle of a hayfield attempting to light a fire in freezing temperatures.  But this year, because of the extreme dry weather and fire hazard, we could not build a bonfire.  Instead, … Continue reading

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Stonyford: Final Thoughts

I took this photo just off of main street in Stonyford.  It is peaceful and serene – idyllic.  But what I have not written about (and what my photos do not show) is the wild and woolly nature of rodeo … Continue reading

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Welcome To Stonyford

One weekend every year the tiny Northern California town of Stonyford is overrun by bull riders, bullfighters, bronco busters, steer wrestlers, calf ropers, barrel racers, beauty queens, rodeo lovers, and rebel rousers.  It’s the annual Stonyford rodeo and it’s the … Continue reading

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Tokens of Spring

John Steinbeck wrote that the wildflowers of a Northern California spring were so unbelievable that they were “Almost sinful looking.”  That makes sense – especially to a local – considering that much of the rest of the year, except for … Continue reading

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Sunsets and Dental Art

We went up to Tahoe last weekend and on Saturday night caught the sunset from Speedboat Beach on the north shore. I really enjoy photographing sunsets and with this one in particular I got a little out of hand running … Continue reading

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Sunset Over The Pacific

I don’t fly a lot.  I’m not a world traveler, but I’ve had my fair share of plane rides – a few around Europe and South America and several throughout the US.  However, in all those flights I’d never witnessed … Continue reading

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Utah Is Great

It’s true.  Utah is great.  This may not be a very popular opinion, especially among people who are not from Utah or have certain ideas about the state’s character, namely that it’s a bleak desert wasteland with foul weather and … Continue reading

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Lost Coast Round Two (film)

On round two of the Lost Coast I decided to take along the Canon AE-1.  I thought about bringing the 7D but it’s so bulky and there’s such heightened risk of damage that I decided to go with the more durable film … Continue reading

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Ocean Beach

Northern end of Ocean Beach with view of The Cliff House.  Shot on film with Canon AE-1.

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