Around The City #2 – The Outer Lands From Grand View

On a warm night last week I took a midnight trip to the top of Grand View Park to photograph the lights of San Francisco’s Outer Lands.


I mentioned Grand View Park in a previous post about The Moraga Steps, but I’d never been there after sunset.  It was a little cloudy that night so there were no stars, though with the light pollution I doubt they would have showed up anyway.


Sutro Tower through the Eucalyptus trees.


Most of the little neighborhoods in this part of the city are quiet.  Tucked into the back corner of Mt. Sutro, this one (the back end of Golden Gate Heights) especially feels like its own private community – a tiny town cut out from the rest of the city.


The view of the Inner Sunset, USF, Downtown, and all the way across the bay to the Oakland Hills.


Sutro Tower in the moonlight.


Moraga Street headed west into the Outer Sunset towards Ocean Beach.

The Outer Lands aren’t known for being particularly hip.  People don’t flock to the Sunset like they do to North Beach or the Haight.  A lot of the time the Outer Lands feel more like suburbia than a city.  But from the top of Grand View Park, when the city grid lights up in the darkness and you can see the glowing streets spreading out in every direction, it feels like San Francisco.

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