Back To The Boneyard

Things have changed a bit since I last photographed the Boneyard.  A little rain brought up the green grass and the wildflowers.  The new growth hid the scatter of small bones and only the larger skeletons poked through.

This guy looked a little different in color and surrounded by Spring.  I think I prefer the black and white from last January but the contrast is interesting.

Of course not everything was so pleasant among the dead.  In the months since my first photo shoot this new carcass had arrived, full of maggots and smelling of hot rotting flesh.

The carcass was so putrid that nothing would grow too close to it.  The rot was still too fresh so under and around the body there was simply bare dirt mixed with great swaths of hair that had fallen from the horsehide and mane.

The other horses in the pasture didn’t seem to mind grazing so close to their fallen brothers.

It was a beautiful evening.  The setting sun highlighting the grass and water running in the gullies and streams.  Spring was in full swing.  Much less apocalyptic than my last visit.

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