Night Barn (extended version)

Since photography is all about the capture of light, it goes without saying that different lightscapes offer differing impressions of a single subject.  Such is the case with the old barn.  I’d photographed it previously at night, once in winter under a full moon, and more recently in the pitch black of a hot summer night.  I took these photos just the other night under a very bright half moon on a night when a cool breeze was moving in through the barn from the West.  The light of the moon made everything in the images sharper, it created shadows, and illuminated spaces that would have otherwise just been black.  So while the photos are all similar to their counterparts in the previous post, I thought they were different enough to put up here.

Light through the horse stalls.  Southern wing of the barn.  127sec./f7.1/iso200

Breezeway and northern wing.  188sec./f7.1/iso200

Grain Silos in the moonlight.  (no artificial lights used)  105sec./f7.1/iso320

This is almost the exact same photo as the one I put in the last Night Barn post.  It was taken from the same place with a very similar angle, but this time I really tried to use all the lights of the barn instead of just the main overheads.  The moonlight also gives the image a different feel considering it helped sharpen everything and gave the stars a little less brilliance.  That’s me in the breezeway flipping on the overhead lights, though for this photo I actually had to flip four different switches to make all the rest of the lights show up.   128sec./f7.1/iso200

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3 Responses to Night Barn (extended version)

  1. beth says:

    like, like.

  2. kiddwidd says:

    feel, feel.

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