Where the Lava Meets the Road

At the Southeastern point of Volcano National Park ooze the most active and most recent lava flows.  The road extends only as far as lava has not covered it.  From the end of the road you can hike out several miles over the lava flow to see where the lava enters the ocean, or at least you could in 2006 when Beth last visited the park.  Currently, the lava viewing area is located on the other side of the flow, accessible only by going clear around (a two plus hour drive).  According to reports, lava wasn’t visible flowing into the ocean at that time anyway, so we didn’t even try to hike out.  But it was cool to see the newly formed coastline.

Lava flows have added over 538 new acres of land to this shoreline since 1983.

Volcanic Sea Arch at dusk

End of the line.

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One Response to Where the Lava Meets the Road

  1. beth says:

    i’m positive it’s still accessible by both sides. pointless w/out lava though.
    this is my favorite BI post so far!

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