The Big Island Volume 1

This is the first of several posts on The Big Island of Hawai’i.  We were only there three days but we drove 600 miles and saw a very diverse collection of landscapes.  Later posts will highlight some of the more interesting spots we saw but this post is just a variety.

Road to Mauna Loa Observatory.  The white line is deceiving.  The road is only about 8 feet wide and is littered with potholes and sharp lava rocks.

A much more pleasant landscape.

Black Sand Beaches.

Cooler Black Sand Beaches

Lava Trees.  Formed as the lava flow collected around standing trees that eventually died and rotted away, leaving only the hollow rock tube.  Only slightly phallic.

Coconut Tree Reflection at Akaka Falls.

Sunset at the beach near Pu’ukohala

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3 Responses to The Big Island Volume 1

  1. emmie says:

    Ooh…the one at Akaka Falls…very cool

  2. beth says:

    fun trip. i’m excited to see the million other pics.

  3. Jonathan Smith says:

    Very nice. I really like the road to Mauna Loa Observatory picture – nice desolate, lonely feel. The coconut tree pic is my other favorite.

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