Sprinklers At The State Line

We recently moved out of Utah permanently and decided to make the drive to California by way of the sparsely traveled Highway 50.  As mentioned in the previous post, we stopped off at the old roost of Bob Stinson before continuing on out of Utah into the vast expanse of the Nevada desert.

1/500 sec./f11/iso160

Crossing the state line into Nevada we encountered something I had never seen before: freezing sprinklers.

1/400 sec./f11/iso160

Conditions were just cold enough to freeze the water as it fell to the ground but not cold enough to freeze the pipes.

1/1600 sec./f4.0/iso160

1/4000 sec./f4.0/iso160

1/200 sec./f11/iso160

1/1600 sec./f5.6/iso160

1/2000 sec./f4.0/iso160

I’m pretty sure we were trespassing since we jumped a couple of fences to get out to the sprinklers, but no one was around to yell at us so I don’t feel that bad.

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4 Responses to Sprinklers At The State Line

  1. Kari in UT says:

    Where are you moving to? Great pictures, good luck in your journey.

  2. Jonathan Smith says:

    I saw those frozen sprinklers when traveling to southern Utah last week. I’d never seen that before and it was awesome. I think I trespassed too. You got some nice shots.

  3. Does that mean you only feel bad if you get caught?! : )

  4. Traci says:

    that’s so weird! cool pictures!

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