Sunset on The Jetty


1/60 /f3.5/iso100

1/25 /f5.6/iso200 – silhouettes on the mountain of ice.

1/200 /f7.1/iso100

1/320 /f5.6/iso100 – As the ice on the lake breaks up it gets pushed up against the jetty making a massive pile of of ice sheets.

1/80 /f11/iso100 – sunset from the top of the pile of ice.

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2 Responses to Sunset on The Jetty

  1. beth says:

    you could trick anyone into moving to utah with those 😛

    • tawna says:

      I just went through all of these and all of the flicker pictures. I’ve seen lots of them before, but especially looking at the whole body of work, I’m just in awe.
      I’d think “ooo-I want that on my wall…..oh, that one……those colors are perfect….I love how that one makes me feel” and I realize that there aren’t enough walls in my house. They evoke so much emotion. Aren’t you just dying to share them with the world.

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